Why Science4Pets


Our products are based on real science, real nutrition for real health and protection of our four-legged friend. Regardless of the type of product, you will find something unique in ours that no one else has. That uniqueness is not for the sake of separating us from the competition, but to actually add something really beneficial for your pet. That's why we are willing to even challenge our customers to find anything better than ours. Below are some of the principle attributes that sets us apart from the competition and makes us the best in what we do.

  1. Product Conceptualization and Formulation: Unlike most small and medium size pet food companies, all our products are conceptualized and formulated by one of the top most Ph.D. pet nutritionists in the country and that with your pet at the heart of it. Many of them don't even have a technical person on staff, let alone a Ph.D. Would you rather trust the scientific knowledge, expertise, and decades of experience of a Ph.D. pet nutritionist or someone at the mom and pop pet food company who got tired of what was something out in the market while searching for a pet food or supplement and started their own pet food company instead?

  2. Micro-Encapsulated Vitamins: These are the best you can find anywhere. There is not a single pet vitamin supplement that has microencapsulated vitamins out in the market. This is to ensure your best friend's life is long and healthy with vitamins that are released only upon reaching their stomach, not before or get the potency lost during manufacturing, storage or transportation.

  3. Non-China Ingredients: Not a single ingredient of ours is sourced from China. Yes, none whatsoever. That includes not only the major ingredients, but also all the vitamins, minerals, and any of the specialty ingredients. This is to ensure the quality and integrity of all our products for the safety and protection of your four legged friend.
  1. Probiotics: About 95% or even more of the pet probiotics product out there are based on mediocre vegetative bacteria, such as Lactobacillus, Enterococcus, and Bifidobacterium that may not provide much benefit, if at all. There may be a few that contain far more superior spore forming bacteria, such as Bacillus, but their numbers may be rather low. All our relevant products contain not just one but two such Bacillus species, coagulans and subtilis, and that also in unmatched numbers, such that your pet’s digestive health is reinvigorated and sustained.

  2. Wholesome Ingredients: No cooking of the fruits and veggies. Such fruits and veggies, or even grains are considered raw or minimally processed and are freeze dried or dehydrated and ground such that their nutrients remain in their natural states as much as possible.

  3. Sustainable Sourcing: All our products whenever applicable, such as all the marine products, are sustainably sourced. They can all be traced back to their origin, down to the boat number when it comes to fish oils of marine origin.

  4. No preservatives, chemicals, toxins or GMO products: There are absolutely no preservatives, chemicals, toxins or GMO products in any of our products.

  5. Quality Control: With seemingly constant recalls of pet foods and supplements in the news, you can feel confident knowing that we are SQF2 certified, USDA APHIS Certified, use only the most wholesome ingredients from trusted suppliers, and absolutely do not source any of our ingredients from China. Please do note that SQF2 is actually a grade above GMP, which, as a consumer you may have seen in many pet food products. SQF2 allows tracking of every single ingredient to its actual origin.

  6. Accessibility to Ph.D. Pet Nutritionist: Addressing any of the questions and concerns you may have is always our priority. All your technical questions and concerns are actually addressed by our principal pet nutritionist. Now, how many pet food companies address customer questions and concerns directly by their top scientists? Basically none. Most of them don't even have such a person in their staff, let alone make them available for customers.