Non-China – Quality, safety, and protection

Non-China – Quality, safety, and protection

This is a very critical yet unique situation given the dominance of Chinese manufacturers in general and pet food industry in particular. Whether you are in conventional pet food business, raw/dry/dehydrated pet food business or pet treats and supplements business, a large proportion of the ingredients are imported from China. In fact, it is quite hard to completely avoid ingredients of Chinese origin.


Being the manufacturing hub of the world, most vitamins are also made in China. For instance, almost 90% of vitamin C is manufactured by Chinese companies and probably three fourths of a majority of other vitamins also come from China. Since vitamins and minerals or their premixes are an integral part of pet diets, one can generally visualize how dire the situation in this sector is even under normal circumstances. In fact, it is really, really hard to avoid all vitamins of Chinese origin, not to mention the cost associated with that. Science4Pets is fully committed to ensure that everything we have in our products is of non-Chinese origin.


With the quality concerns and environmental issues, right from melamine several years ago to vitamin D in 2019 to everything else, would anyone be as assured when buying a dog (or cat) food, treat, or supplement that contains vitamins made in China? Not really.


It’s a fact that only 2% of imported vitamins and supplements from China are inspected. Why? Vitamins and supplements are classified as “food” by law and therefore not subject to any tough regulatory scrutiny.


Further, with the recurring trade wars and other issues with China, overall situation can be much complicated and far worse.


Even those claiming “Made in USA” may often exploit the loopholes in the FTC laws. When labor, packaging, machinery, and other costs are included while manufacturing a pet food, treat or supplement in the USA, the requirements could most likely be met as long as the ingredient(s) related to the claim itself is US made. Many manufacturers, let alone the customers, may not be even fully aware that they are using Chinese ingredients, more so the vitamins and specialty ingredients. You have to have an extensive knowledge about the ingredients and willingness to check thoroughly the potential cracks through which such ingredients can slip through. 


At Science4Pets, we make sure that all our ingredients are of non-China origin. That applies to not just the bulk or specialty ingredients, but also all the vitamins and minerals. Further, our manufacturing partner is an SQF2 certified, USDA APHIS approved as well as organic certified so there is no compromise when it comes to the quality, safety, and protection of your pets. With routine and periodic as well as random checks and balances, our customers can rest assured that all our products are of highest quality and integrity. Further, our team of Ph.D. pet nutritionists is always available to chat with you on our website at your convenience or reply to you by email to help you make informed decisions when selecting the best products for your four-legged family members.