The Specialty

That mission is implemented with four keystones in each corner for providing your pets the love and protection it needs to live a healthy and energetic life. The four keystones we have identified are, a. Designing and formulating pet foods, treats, supplements, and premixes based on real nutrition, real science, b. Using minimally processed food components and ingredients of the highest quality found anywhere that absolutely have no ingredients from Chinese manufacturers, c. Primary use of microencapsulated vitamins in the relevant and appropriate products, and d. Attentive listening to customer concerns and providing access to the Ph.D. nutritionists for any questions and customers they may have with our unparalleled customer engagement through QA sessions, photo contests, webinars, etc. among others.

Given the extreme complexity and so many uncertainties of the pet food business about the nutrients, ingredients, country of origin, quality control, and manufacturing practices, we here at (SFP Group) go over and beyond. Right from designing a complex formula to creating its label, for instance, needs profound knowledge about the ingredients as well as right alternatives, their detailed nutrient profile, country of origin, GMO status, appropriate software as well as AAFCO, NRC, USDA, FDA and other nutritional and regulatory guidelines about a specific product, ingredient, or the complete pet foods, treats or supplements.

Although this may be achieved by having a highly accomplished pet nutritionist on staff, it usually involves a considerable financial issue, particularly for small and medium size pet food companies, given his/her salary and benefits would easily run between $100-200 k per year. As a result, you won't find any other small or even medium size pet food companies employing such high caliber scientists nor do you have much of an access to them. Instead, our loyal customers can draw from the knowledge and expertise our highly accomplished scientists have by offering their pets the best of the foods, supplements, treats, and premixes we have brought to the market, while actively engaging with us about their questions, concerns, and interests related to pet food and nutrition.