The beginning - SFP Group, Science4Pets, and SFPPetsFoods

With his vast knowledge and experience in different aspects of animal, nutritional, and health research and product development for almost 30 years, Dr. Khanal was starting to think going on his own from his then high paying mid executive position with a private label pet food manufacturer. He had formulated certain ideas, developed some foundations as to how he could contribute and help pet nutrition and health, and discussed them within his close circles to check their interests in partnering with. Although he was certain of the unique opportunity and willing to take the risk by leaving such a high paying job, finding a suitable partner turned a bit tough.

Seeing not much interest from his close circles, Dr. Khanal talked to Jerry Bruch, a high end head hunter who recruited and convinced him to relocate, to find him a new position, while still searching for an appropriate partner along the way. Jerry was kind of perplexed but agreed to find a suitable opportunity. With that backdrop, the two talked further and discussed many other things such as politics and sports beside the job opportunities and became fast friends. One of those ideas was about the pet food business Dr. Khanal had been thinking and planning on launching. Though he had technical and scientific knowhow, he was never in business before. However, he didn’t realize that Jerry was just the opposite in that regard who had never held a position in any company but only running businesses throughout his life. Several of those businesses involved supplying the largest of the chain stores, such as Costco, Dollar Tree, TJMaxx, etc. as well as partnering with and acquiring licenses from NFL, Pepsi, Budweiser, Underdog, Iron Chef, Miller Lite, Hershey’s, etc. among others. Intrigued by their strengths, the two discussed, researched, and explored further and further about the potential for a pet food and nutrition business that had Ramesh's technical knowhow and Jerry's business nous eventually giving birth to SFP Group. Incidentally, several of the products he sold to the chain stores like Costco, Dollar Tree, and TJMaxx were actually related to pets, while his partnership with popular cooking show Iron Chef America was in partnership with VitaminSpice for launching microencapsulated vitamins in blended seasoning packs.

Within a few short months, was launched as a business to business venture. Realizing the potential, they soon embarked on the retail side ( by launching several new, wholesome, and microencapsulated vitamin and mineral products with the core objective of providing the unparalleled pet food, treats, and supplements that no one else in the market has. Of less than 200 new products launched in the first quarter of 2020 (per Tim Wall, , almost 10% are from Science4Pets Group, its retail side contributing the most. We are excited and we hope and expect to quench the thirst for health invigorating pet food products as sought and demanded by the modern, highly knowledgeable pet owners.