Product Info - Veggie Vigor

Product Name: Veggie Vigor – Krill

Healthy. Invigorating. Delicious.


Product Highlights:

  • A wholesome supplement of minimally processed veggies for your pooch for increased vitality and vigor
  • Complemented by a proprietary sprout blend and herbs for overall health and wellness
  • Easy to handle and dispense, rehydrate in warm water and mix with any food
  • No artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or chemicals
  • All Non-China ingredients
  • All non-GMO ingredients


Product description:

Our Veggie Vigor is designed to provide vigor and vitality to your loving pooch. It not only contains a proprietary blend of health promoting sprouts, but also a dozen or so wholesome dehydrated veggies as powders, flakes or cubes along with several herbs for the best possible product to ensure overall health and wellness. Krill powder augments the antioxidant capacity of the product tremendously with considerable amounts of astaxanthin, while also boosting the palatability. With no added colors or preservatives, everything in the product is just complete and wholesome. That wholesomeness is apparent from the texture and colorful appearance the moment you open the package. You can simply rehydrate with warm water and mix with any of your homemade foods, kibble, or any other dry food you provide to your friend.       



  • Highly selected vegetables to provide much needed fiber and low-calorie product that can help check the weight of even the most sedentary pets   
  • Vegetables and sprouts that are easily digested to provide the vitamins and minerals in their natural state
  • Several herbs further boost the antioxidant capacity and anti-inflammatory properties, digestive issues,
  • All-natural formula to minimize and eliminate allergies, including itching, skin redness, and rashes
  • Great for dogs that require low protein diet or supplements
  • One pound of Veggie Vigor makes several lbs of supplement upon rehydration that can be frozen and used as needed when at home.
  • Since it is dry and light weight, it can be taken while camping, traveling, or whatever you do outdoors with your furry friend.



Size: 16 oz

Feeding guidelines: Provide with meals twice a day.

Toy dogs <10 lb: 1 tsp

Small dogs, 11-25 lb: 2 tsp

Mediums dogs, 26-50 lb: 1 TSP

Large dogs, 51-75 lb: 1.5 TSP

Giant dogs, >75 lb: 2 TSP


Directions for use:

  1. Shake the package well before use to mix everything well.
  2. If adding to kibble, rehydrate the veggies in warm water first, mix it well, then add kibble and mix well before serving.
  3. If adding to any of your homemade meals, rehydrate in warm water, mix well, add the meat as well as any other items you may feed, and serve.


Guaranteed Analysis:

Moisture: <14%  

Crude Protein: 12%

Crude Fat: 10%

Total Ash: <8%

ME: 3,000 kcal/kg


B-Vitamins, mg/kg:

Thiamine: 100

Riboflavin: 90

Niacin: 72

Pantothenic Acid: 10

Pyridoxine: 6

Folic Acid: 0.6

Biotin: 0.14

Vitamin B12: 0.03

Choline: 800



Sweet potato, dried carrots, brewer's yeast, coconut meal, sprout blend (flaxseed, lentil, sunflower seed, pinto bean, pumpkin seed), dehydrated green beans, krill powder, kelp meal, dehydrated pumpkin, kale, dehydrated zucchini powder, dehydrated broccoli, coconut oil, canola oil, whole dried beet, whole flax seed, asparagus powder, apple cider vinegar, dehydrated cauliflower, wheat grass powder, burdock root, parsley, turmeric, ginger, boswellia, garlic, rosemary extract, mixed tocopherols.  


Storage: Store in a cool, dry place at room temperature.



This is not a complete food, but a healthy supplement of veggies. Safe use in pregnant or breeding animals is not proven. Keep the package out of the reach of children and animals. In case of accidental overdose or adverse effects, seek medical help immediately.